Sunday, 19 July 2015

The (harder) second part of my South West Quiz

So, here's part 2 of 4 of my 120 question South West Quiz.

Personally, I think this is harder, but see what you think.

The top 3 scores for the first 2 sections (played as one half) were 50,40 and 36 (by 3 people)

Compare how you are doing and remember to look at the SouthWest Quizzers site for the full results.


31. Which part of the body gives its name to the 1968 film starring The Monkees, which was co-written and produced by Jack Nicholson and featured cameo performances from names such as Sonny Liston and Frank Zappa?


32. (Picture) Selling over 15 million albums worldwide, which Canadian singer and songwriter is the wife of Elvis Costello?
Diana Krall

33. The chief ore of mercury, it consists of small red, soft crystals, used in the mineral pigment vermillion. What name is given to this mineral of mercury sulphide?

34. Which UK High Street retailer owns the electronic brands Alba and Bush, the toy brand Chad Valley and formerly owned the jewellery brand Elizabeth Duke?

35. Inspired by William Shakespeare's Henry IV, which 1831 play by Alexander Pushkin tells the story of a real-life 16th/17th century Tsar of Russia?

Boris Godunov

36. Which religious title was first bestowed by the Mongolian ruler Altan Khan upon Sonam Gyatso in 1578?

Dalai Lama
37. Found on the horn of Africa, which country was once known as the French Territory of the Afars and Issas, until its independence in 1977?

38. Give a year in the life of Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan?

39. Previously held at White City, which racetrack has been the home of the English Greyhound Derby since 1985?


40. (Picture) In which country of the Americas is the world’s widest tree, the ’Arbol del Tule’ located. (If you can tell the species of tree you will get a big clue)

Mexico (the tree is a Montezuma Cypress)
41. Carrying two lanes of traffic on the European Route E16 and totalling 15.2 miles in length, in which country is the World's longest road tunnel located?

42. Which name links one of the mythological Pleiades, a play by Sophocles, a character in the musical 'Starlight Express' and a former member of the US female group, 'The Pussycat Dolls'?

43. In the Italian TV detective show, what is the first name of the titular Inspector Montalbano?

44. In musical terminology the word 'pizzicato' means to play a stringed instrument by plucking the strings. Which Italian word means to play with the bow?         



45.(Picture) What was the nationality of the 17th Century scientist, Christiaan Huygens, who was noted for discovering Titan, inventing the pendulum clock and developing wave theory?

46. Believed to have introduced him to Scientology, which American actress, the star of the 1991 film, ‘The Rapture', was the first wife of the actor Tom Cruise?

Mimi Rogers
47. His only known work is the epic poem, 'De rerum natura' (On the Nature of Things) which transmits the ideas of Epicureanism. Believed to have been a great influence on the Augustan poets, Virgil and Horace, which Roman poet and philosopher wrote this work?

(Titus) Lucretius (Carus)
48. Based on the mythological stories in Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, the Emperors of Japan are considered to be direct descendants of which Shinto deity (or Kami)?

49. Jeju Island is the largest island of which Asian country – it is also home to Hallasan, its highest peak?

South Korea
50. Taking place in the South West Pacific Area, it saw the United States and Australia attack a Japanese convoy carrying troops to New Guinea. What is the name of this (German-related) 1943 battle, which saw a major defeat for Japan as over 2700 troops were killed when all eight troop transports were destroyed?

Battle of The Bismarck Sea
51. Which golfer won both the 2015 US Masters and US Open tournaments the first person to do so since Tiger Woods achieved the feat in 2002?


Jordan Spieth
52. (Picture) Native to South America, they have two species, known as the 'Northern' and 'Southern’. Usually around 40cm in high and 80cm in length, what is the world's smallest deer?

53. Opened in Autumn 2014, the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, replaced the Cirrus building as the tallest building of which Scandinavian country?

54. By the end of the 18th century, (ie in 1800), how many US States were a part of the Union?


Sixteen (Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee joined the original 13 members)
55. (Picture) Working on over 200 projects over a 60 year career, he is noted for his work in Westerns and Horror films. Perhaps his best known role is the character 'Roper', who appears alongside Bruce Lee in the 1973 film 'Enter The Dragon'. What is the name of this actor?

John Saxon
56. A form of German-language music drama, it is now regarded as a genre of opera. Frequently featuring magical or fantasy creatures, examples including Mozart's 'Zaide' and 'The Magic Flute'. What is the name of this genre of opera?

57. In 1995, American scientist Martin Perl, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of which particle, the only lepton that can decay into hadrons and one that shares its name with the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet?           

58. In recent years it has made an entry into the world of extreme sports. Which children's toy (and sometimes piece of exercise equipment), was invented and patented in 1920 by the Germans Hans Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall?

Pogo Stick
59.With many of his works rewritten by the Brothers Grimm, which 17th century French author is most noted for introducing the fairy tale genre, with works including 'Puss In Boots’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Cinderella'?

Charles Perrault
60. Ordained Bishop of Paris in 1159, his most famous work by far, was 'Libri Quatuor Sententiarum' (The Four Sentences), which became the standard textbook of theology at medieval universities. What is the name of this revered theologian, who was ordained Bishop of Paris in 1159?

Peter Lombard

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Some New Questions!!

As some of you may know, I ran a South West (England) Quiz last week, which was made up of 120 individual questions and a team quiz.

So, I only thought it right that I start put them on here. (There are a couple of Brit specific questions, but this shouldn't spoil your enjoyment)

I think I will put them on 30 at a time. So the next 30 will appear in a couple of days. Note questions were intended to get progressively harder, so this set and the third part might be a bit easier than the second and fourth sets.

The scores form the event (albeit a small event) are on!resultsrankings-and-reports/c1py5. You may notice it includes some strong quiz names, so see how you compare!,


1. In terms of area and population, what is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? 

2. In which English county is Edgehill, scene of the first significant battle of the English Civil War?              

3. Which national football team won the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final in July 2015, beating Japan 5-2 in the final?               

4. Native to South America, which animal is the largest of the rodent family?      

5. Sharing a name with a current Radio One DJ, which architect designed the Eden Project in Cornwall, which was completed in 2000?        

Nicholas Grimshaw
6. Which chemical element is listed as number 2 on the periodic table? 



7. (Picture) Which British actor played the role of Max Rockatansky in the 2015 film, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, the fourth in the 'Mad Max' film franchise?           


Tom Hardy

8. (Picture)'One O’clock Jump' is a 12-bar blues instrumental jazz standard, that was written by which well known pianist, bandleader, and composer?      

Count Basie
9. After Oxygen, which chemical element, at number 13, is the second on the Periodic Table to begin with a vowel?                       

10. Entering with the song 'Bitaqat Hob' and performed by Samira Bensaid, which is the only African nation that has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest?         


11. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are protagonists in which Trilogy of novels, written by Suzanne Collins?               

The Hunger Games
12. In which Book of the Old Testament are the stories of Rahab and The Spies and The Fall of Jericho located? 

13. Bergshamra, Duvbo and Farsta are all stations in which Scandinavian capital city's underground train/metro system?               


14.In writing his book entitled 'The Loneliest Man in the World’, warden Eugene K.Bird was describing which war criminal, who served the final 21 years of his lifetime and prison sentence as the only inmate of Spandau prison?    
Rudolf Hess          

15. In 1989, which American became the youngest male tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title, when he won the French Open at the age of 17 years and 4 months?         


Michael Chang

16. (Picture) According to the Schmidt sting pain index, its bite/sting ranks higher than the tarantula hawk wasp as the most painful, with some victims equating the pain to being shot. What is the very appropriate name, therefore, of this ant (Paraponera clavata), that inhabits humid lowland rainforests in Central and South America?  
Bullet Ant   

17. Beating a shortlist including Tracey Emin's 'My Bed’, which Academy Award winner won the 1999 Turner Prize?         

Steve McQueen
18. Which planet in the solar system, is named after the Roman god of travellers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves (among other things)?  

19. Only two US TV series have won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series for Drama on three occasions. Mad Men is one, but which 1990s TV series is the other?        
The X Files


20. (Picture) She first found fame on the Nickelodeon television series 'Victorious' in 2009 and also starred in its spinoff, 'Sam & Cat'. In 2014 she reached a whole new global audience when she released the single 'Problem', which went to number one across the world (including the UK and US). What is the name of this singer and actress?   

Ariana Grande
21. In science, if Oxygen is O2 and Ozone is O3, what name is usually given to O4? (Two acceptable answers)     

Tetraoxygen (or Oxozone)

22. (Picture) Making models such as the 'Sandero' and 'Duster’, from which European country does the car manufacturer Dacia originate?               

23. Staged in the West End between 2011 and 2014 and on Broadway in 2012, which Tony Award-winning play was adapted by Richard Bean, from a 1743 Commedia dell'arte-style comedy entitled 'Il servitore di due padroni?     
One Man, Two Guv'nors 

24. Taking over from Jonathan Sacks in September 2013, what is the name of the current Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom?    
Ephraim Mirvis

25. Apart from Alaska, only one US state lies north of the 49th parallel. Situated in Manitoba, the exclave of Elm Point belongs to which US state, nicknamed 'The Land of 10,000 Lakes'? 

26. Who was the US President at the time Hawaii joined the Union, to become the 50th state? 


Dwight D Eisenhower
27. (Picture) Similar to the game boules, which Paralympics sport, designed for wheelchair users and those with limited motor skills, involves throwing leather balls at a jack, with the aim of being the closest to it?       


28. A generic description for some black-furred animal breeds and for the colour black in heraldry, what is the name of the species of marten, that inhabits forest environments, primarily in Russia and has also been historically harvested, for its highly valued fur?      

29. Currently, six out of the seven tallest buildings in Europe are located in which capital city?   

30. Likened to characters such as Dale Arden and Lois Lane, what is the name of the female partner of the comic strip hero, Buck Rogers?    
Wilma Deering

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A slight change of heart

I'm not sure if I have ever suffered from writer's block, but I think that is what happened recently. Maybe all sorts of factors create this and at the time, all you need is to give your brain a rest.

However, I think I'm pretty much over that so let's get on with the quizzing!

I have decided to try and write in a slightly different way and maybe try a few different styles too.

I think this will help encourage more people to visit and hopefully get into quizzing, but it may also be helpful fro revision purposes.

I will keep some of my 'hard stuff' as I know a lot of people enjoy this.

I am also running my South West quizzes know and so hope to have around 200 new questions every other month, which I will drip in here. The first batch should be on here next week.

I'm also hoping to run other quizzes for pubs/clubs etc at some point, so will report back as and when they happen.

See you soon (and remember local UK types, it's not too late to enter the Quiz on Sunday 12th July!)


Saturday, 13 June 2015


So, with another WQC completed, I think I will try to work out a good method for putting questions on here as part of revision. I'm going to have another few days off and then i'll start posting questions again.

Two other things that may or may not interest you (really only applies to UK and Irish readers).

Firstly, as I am in 'writing mode', if you are from a UK or Irish league or would like some competitive quizzes written (UK and Ireland only) , as a one off or regularly, you can e-mail me at and I can give you a quote. (I'm quite cheap, honest).

Secondly, I am running my South West Quiz on 12th July, just outside of Bristol. Anyone can come, so if you want a good test then just sign-up via or go to Facebook and sign up on the event itself

It would be great to see you.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

20 More Miscellaneous Questions

Here are 20 more Miscellaneous questions. This is the final instalment before Saturday's World Quizzing Championship.

I hope you have found these useful and Good Luck to all of you participating!

(For those of you not participating, I hope you have enjoyed them anyway)

1.Used in anthropology and medicine, what aesthetic would the Fischer-Saller scale measure?
Hair Colour

2.Also the name of an Italian football team, which Greek heroine according to myth, refused to marry any man unless they could beat her in a foot race?

3.Borrowed from German, which word, first used in 1888 by George Chisholm in his work 'Handbook of Commercial Geography', is applied to the inland region lying behind a port?  

4.Which mountain, located in the Bernese Alps was first conquered by Christian Almer, Peter Bohren and Charles Barrington, but is probably best known for a particular part of the mountain, that has the German nickname,'Mordwand',(or 'death wall' in English)?            
The Eiger (North Face)

5.According to three of the New Testament Gospels, who was compelled by the Romans to carry the cross of Jesus as he was being taken to his crucifixion?          
Simon of Cyrene

6. Which city, formerly a part of Yugoslavia,was named Titograd from 1946 until 1992?            

7. Who is the only actress to win an Academy Award for portraying another Academy award winning actress?        
Cate Blanchett

8. Dated to 1274BC,the Battle of Kadesh was fought between the forces of the Egyptian empire under Ramesses II and which other empire, led by Muwatalli II?              

9.Which alliterative member of the hip-hop act, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, was responsible for the familiar rap on Chaka Khan's 1984 hit 'I Feel For You'?   
Melle Mel

10.What was the name of the fortress in the south district of Israel that was besieged by the Romans in around 73AD,only to find most of the defending Jewish Zealots had committed suicide?             

11. A religious reformer that disapproved of Mary Queen of Scots' leadership, who is considered the founder of the Presbyterian church in Scotland?             
John Knox

12. Following a comment by the nineteenth-century conductor Hans von Bulow, which composer, along with Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven is known as one of the 'Three Bs'?   
Johannes Brahms

13.With over 600 banks located there, what is the capital and largest city of the Caymen Islands?              
George Town

14. It followed  families such as the Fairgates and the Sumners and was set in a fictitious coastal suburb of Los Angeles. What was the name of the soap opera spin-off, of the successful TV show 'Dallas', which aired between 1979-1993?             
Knots Landing

15.Used in many countries around the world, for which infectious disease caused by various strains of mycobacteria, is the Bacillus Calmette-GuĂ©rin vaccine administered?               

16.A member of a literary circle that included Virgil and Lucius Varius Rufus, which leading Roman poet created noted works such as 'Odes', 'Epodes' and 'Satires'?     

17.What name links an open source web browser managed by the Mozilla Corporation, a 1982 film starring Clint Eastwood and a model of motor scooter made by Malaguti?           

18.Which spice is made from the grinding of the dried fruits of 'Capsicum annuum', such as bell peppers or chili peppers?               

19.In 1902 Benito Mussolini, emigrated to which country, where he worked for the newspaper 'L'Avvenire del Lavoratore',but was deported in 1903 for his advocacy of a violent general strike?           

20.Born in the US Virgin Islands, which French painter, noted for his works, 'Boulevard Montmartre by Night' and 'Lower Norwood Under Snow', was the only artist to have shown his work at all eight Paris Impressionist exhibitions, from 1874 to 1886?  
Camille Pissaro